Give Work!

It is important for new jobs to become available as alternatives to oil palm farming, poaching, logging and other illegal resource extraction and exploitation practices in these imperiled forests. Monitoring and anti-poaching patrols lead by local people are more effective at collecting data while simultaneously deterring illegal activities.

Sponsor a Naturalist

Your contributions directly support the local naturalist team. Members of the team work hard on their projects collecting invaluable data from their unique ecosystem while at the same time patrolling their range of the National Park to curb illegal poaching activities. These type activities lead by local people promote the community’s pride and understanding of their own environment.

Donate Equipment

Your support helps us acquire wildlife monitoring equipment, such as camera traps, so our naturalists can monitor the endangered populations of the forest. Monitoring activities take place in harsh and remote areas of the Gunung Leuser Ecosystem. These mountains of North Sumatra are dangerous and we need the team to be safe and with the right equipment. Your support goes towards obtaining field equipment so the research and patrol teams can do their job in the safest way.

GIVE WORK! Support the local Naturalist Team!